We help customers to support innovative concepts for searching, analysing using multiple Digital Twins

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Machine builders are collecting data related to their products within different formats and tools since several years. The number of related Digital Twins increases each time, products of other manufacturers become included in the own one, or in case of acquiring other companies. For coping with this development, MACHINAIDE aims to support innovative concepts for accessing, searching, analysing and using multiple Digital Twins data for the major purpose of increasing usability and functional up-grading of machines and equipment within the crane, printing machine, additive manufacturing and dairy farming domains, as well as optimization of processes. It will be in line with European, National and international initiatives towards smart industry and application of Artificial Intelligence for Europe.

Considering latest activities in digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, MACHINAIDE’s major goals are, exploiting Digital Twins data, interoperability of multiple Digital Twins hosting eco-systems, increased usability of machines – all enabled through application of AI methods - and innovative HMIs as well as definition of new business models, enabling innovative services.

Different Formats and Tools

Increasing Usability

Innovative Concepts

Functional Upgrading

Artificial Intelligent

Application of AI method

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