The only solution for Mobile Device Management / MDM

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The only solution for managing your mobile devices.

MobiVisor can provide;

The device details (device brand and model, Sim card and IMEI numbers, battery status, data storage, RAM and CPU usage percentages, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth status, IP address, MAC address, DNS usage etc.),
Locations (instant or periodic),
Applications (remote and user-made installations),
Policies (device-specific defined policies),
Remote Assistance (Quick Support feature to monitor device by seeing its screen instantly).


You can remotely track the location of your devices.

With MobiVisor, you can monitor location of your devices instantly or periodically on map and report whether they are logged in/out into the pre-defined locations in the system. In addition, MobiVisor can track a selected device within a specified time interval and display its location information as a projection on the map.


You can control and manage the applications on your mobile devices with MobiVisor.

You can create your corporate custom MobiVisor application catalog for applications you want use in your devices, also you can add applications from Google Play, iTunes App Store and Windows App Store or the apps you have developed yourself. From this application catalog you can download applications remotely with/without user knowing, update installed applications, back up or remove applications. You can run applications and form black-list/white-list to control the applications that will run on the devices. You can also define a device based Kiosk (Singular Application) with MobiVisor.


You can manage the content on your mobile devices securely with MobiVisor.

With MobiVisor, you can share your corporate content with your employees and they can access your corporate content from anywhere, at any time from their mobile devices. The files are encrypted in secure areas. Data transmissions are made securely using TLS/SSL and can not be monitored or changed during transmissions. MobiVisor mobile content management supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) infrastructure.


You can manage the content on your mobile devices securely with MobiVisor.

Device records and user entries can be easily defined to the MobiVisor by LDAP integration and CSV file of your organization. In addition, to speed up the registration process of multiple devices, QR codes can be read through the application. All network communication in MobiVisor is provided by a secure infrastructure which encrypted with SSL/TLS. There is a role-based access control for administrator control panel, general and user-specific VPN integration and firewall (IP-Host Name, Port, Wi-Fi, Data restriction.). In addition, application data is stored in encrypted local storage areas.


You can create various reports using collected information about the device with MobiVisor.

You can create graphically supported logs and reports periodically, including your devices' battery, storage, RAM and CPU usage, installed applications and message transmission information.


You can bring hardware and software based restrictions to your devices with MobiVisor and manage these restrictions remotely.

MobiVisor can provide restrictions by sending time specified, map based policies according to Wi-Fi (SSID) information of devices.

For example, during the weekdays between 09:00-12:00 on the devices at Bilkent Cyberpark you can allow, block or change:

Hardware components like Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, airplane mode
Device's lock screen, time, password policy, screen lock timeout, access to settings and remote add/remove device policy
Users' access to applications installed on device
Internet access of your devices by creating Blacklist/Whitelist (Firewall)
Adding unwanted numbers to a blacklist to prevent incoming calls.


By specifying possible violations in your mobile devices, you can determine actions to take against them.

On MobiVisor in cases of;

- Device rooting
- Sim Card change/removal
- Changes in GPS data/Detection of fake GPS
- Application installation/removal from blacklist
- Disabling Device Manager
- Exceeding specified GSM data, message and call quota

You can determine whether to e-Mail to the administrator, lock the device, view the device page, display the device alert window, or get reports about violations.


Voice Call, a side application of MobiVisor, allows you to talk securely with your users via your internet connection.


Messaging, another side application of MobiVisor, provides secure and encrypted messaging between users.


With MobiVisor e-Mail application, you can separate your corporate e-Mails from personal e-Mails. MobiVisor e-Mail is ideal for high level institutional structures and BYOD programs.


MOBIVISOR FILE SHARING With MobiVisor File Sharing, you can securely store, manage and share your corporate content with your employees.

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