What We Do

R&D Projects, Products and Services of the Erste

  • A generic communication platform
  • Supporting all brands
  • Tools for design and implementation
  • Decrease acquisition costs by avoiding import cartels
  • Decrease import costs by legacy system integration over protocols like BacNet, CoaP, etc.
  • Development of smart spaces is done by software and electronics engineers. Using GAMMA tools, architectural designers and civil engineers will also be able to develop smart spaces of HW diversity by SW modularity,
  • Usage of sensors, RFID tags, cameras and actuators will spread through lowered cost of smart spaces

R&D Projects / GAMMA

Engineering Tools for Advanced Smart Spaces

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GAMMA is one of our key research and development projects on IoT, particularly on smart environments. The aim of GAMMA project is to develop a smart space communication and design platform and tools to ease the design and implementation of smart spaces.

R&D Projects / OPTIMUM

OPTimised Industrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling

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OPTIMUM is a huge R&D project which presumably consists 6 countries and 25 partners worldwide. Within OPTIMUM project, we'll help the consortium to build an IoT platform for implementing Industry 4.0 to the material handling means.
  • 6 Countries and 17 partners
  • Implementation of IoT and Industry 4.0
  • EUREKA project in ITEA 3 Cluster
  • Replacing centralized control of manufacturing and material handling components by intelligent components based on distributed control software
  • Enhancing control SW of material handling components with context/location awareness,
  • Replacement of HW diversity by SW modularity,
  • Design of an open platform supporting interoperability with third-party control and application software
  • Increasing safety, performance and flexibility based on context/location awareness and secure communication between distributed control modules
  • 3D-based engineering, virtual commissioning and supervision based on common models

R&D Projects / Pianism

Predictive and prescriptive maintenance techniques for manufacturing process

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To disrupt traditional maintenance processes in manufacturing environments, a sophisticated system is required that covers a wide range of domains such as data science, machine learning, analytics, simulation and real-time processing. PIANiSM will provide related missing analytics techniques and algorithms, introduce new generation of data identification & integration and modelling processes, and try to develop standards to enable more flexible and applicable solutions for manufacturers.

R&D Projects / I2Panema

Intelligent IoT-based Port Artefacts Communication, Administration & Maintenance

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Digitalisation is still in its infancy in ports. I2PANEMA aims to deploy the power of IoT to improve port operations, making them more efficient and sustainable, paving the way towards networks of smart ports. Barriers like data security and the lack of integration of existing, heterogeneous IT systems are to be overcome. The requirements of the pilots are important stimuli for developing an IoT port reference architecture. The architectural findings are planned to be contributed to standardisation bodies such as Industry 4.0 RAMI.

R&D Projects / I-Delta

We help customers to create an interoperable DLT based platform enhanced by AI

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Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) undoubtedly are a cutting-edge new breed of technologies with the potential to completely transform the way our society works. DLT will foster switching from the “Internet of information" era to the “Internet of Value" era, whereby decentralised and immutable contracts define business interactions and secure exchanges of information. I-DELTA aims to create an interoperable DLT based platform enhanced by AI, integrating with existing IT systems such as ERP and IoT applications.

R&D Projects / Machinaide

We help customers to support innovative concepts for searching, analysing using multiple Digital Twins

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Machine builders are collecting data related to their products within different formats and tools since several years. The number of related Digital Twins increases each time, products of other manufacturers become included in the own one, or in case of acquiring other companies. For coping with this development, MACHINAIDE aims to support innovative concepts for accessing, searching, analysing and using multiple Digital Twins data for the major purpose of increasing usability and functional up-grading of machines and equipment within the crane, printing etc...

  • MOBIVISOR VOICE CALL / Voice Call, a side application of MobiVisor, allows you to talk securely with your users via your internet connection.
  • MOBIVISOR MESSAGING / Messaging, another side application of MobiVisor, provides secure and encrypted messaging between users.
  • MOBIVISOR e-Mail / With MobiVisor e-Mail application, you can separate your corporate e-Mails from personal e-Mails. MobiVisor e-Mail is ideal for high level institutional structures and BYOD programs.
  • MOBIVISOR FILE SHARING / With MobiVisor File Sharing, you can securely store, manage and share your corporate content with your employees.


The only solution for Mobile Device Management / MDM

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MobiVisor can provide;

- The device details (device brand and model, Sim card and IMEI numbers, battery status, data storage, RAM and CPU usage percentages, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth status, IP address, MAC address, DNS usage etc.),
-Locations (instant or periodic),
- Applications (remote and user-made installations),
- Policies (device-specific defined policies),
- Remote Assistance (Quick Support feature to monitor device by seeing its screen instantly).


Our innovative feature-based effort R&D studies and the business value provided by new features

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DETANGLE - software analysis that makes a difference

Our innovative feature-based effort and quality analysis software reveals imbalances between R&D studies and the business value provided by new features. Analysis tools provided by DETANGLE enable business and software development to act in harmony together. Subjective discussions turn into data-driven, fact-based business decisions.
  • Software analysis/ Analysis tools provided by DETANGLE enable business and software development to act in harmony together.
  • Improved Quality/ ensures that all stakeholders find the best balance between features and quality while adding new features to the software and reducing technical debts.
  • Better planning/ provides an objectively comprehensible and understandable method for decision making processes of project managers
  • Understandable Imaging/makes invisibility visible with clear viewing options available to engineers and managers.
  • Fact-based business decisions

  • Cloud Streaming Services / Fully managed cloud streaming service to power live streaming, either end-to-end or as part of a custom streaming platform. Integrates with the free Wowza GoCoder SDK.
  • Streaming Server Software / Downloadable media server software to power live and on-demand streaming, on-premises or in the cloud, with fully customizable software. Integrates with the free Wowza GoCoder SDK.
  • Facebook Live Appliance / Purpose-built appliance for broadcast-quality, reliable streaming on Facebook Live—designed to meet the needs of professional broadcasters and streamers.
  • Wowza GoCoder SDK / Enables developers to integrate live video into any iOS and Android app to increase user engagement.
  • Wowza Player / Decrease acquisition costs by avoiding import cartels


We are authorized reseller of premier media server software company Wowza Media Systems

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Wowza Media Systems is the premier media server software company delivering an industrial-strength infrastructure for live video, video-on-demand, live recording, and video chat. Wowza has a singular focus on delivering high-performance media server software to service providers, media properties, enterprises, and other organizations serious about delivering video to any digital screen – computer, mobile phone, or home TV.
Industry Gold Standard
Wowza technology delivers the fastest and cleanest streams, with fine-grained control over format, video quality and delivery options.
Built to Go Live
Stream with confidence using patented Wowza software designed specifically for live-streaming performance and scaling.
Wowza technology supports the latest industry protocols, formats and codecs, so you can trust your streaming to work today and tomorrow.

Project Management

We help companies for their IoT and Project Management

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The integration of a connection into a device requires a combination of expertise, insight and skill rather than technology. Based on our experience carrying out complex projects, we have developed a well executed process to create IoT solutions.

R & D Consultancy

We help customers to effectively use available R&D funding schemes

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We are in constant communication with Research and Development (R&D) Organizations in regional, country wide and international level.

This provides our partners with the best results by utilizing the existing public fund programs.

Software Project Development

Rapidly and reliably build software products to amaze your customers

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In today's world, software products must satisfy the users with their needs. However, the pace of development and practical creativity continue to be critical priorities. If you are looking for software development services with these concerns we are here to help.